I'm Brenda, the author of Something to Stand On. I'm a mother to four grown children—two boys and two girls—and I've been married to my husband, Don, for over 40 years. I have become "Nana" to my one grandchild and I'm shamelessly advocating for more.

I've always been a passionate person. Whether I'm focused on growing grapes in the yard or raising awareness about violence against women, I go all in. I've been mentoring younger moms in my church for more than a dozen years, and was a parenting coach for women recovering from addiction. I've also had the privilege of speaking to groups of women around the world, and a few years ago a friend talked me into summiting Mt. Kilimanjaro on behalf of women in war zones suffering unbelievable gender violence. I still can't believe I did it!


Here are six random things I love:

  • Coffee by the fire in winter. Let's just say my husband is justified in describing my coffee as "dessert in a cup."

  • Being outdoors. Whether I'm hiking, horseback riding, or water-skiing, I always feel the Lord's presence when I'm enjoying nature.

  • Gardening. Right now my garden includes tomatoes, asparagus, blueberries, grapes, apples, pears, basil, apricots, and more!

  • Hospitality. Whether I'm hosting a Fourth of July party or taking in an out-of-town friend for the week, I love having people in my home.

  • Travel. I love experiencing the world through different cultures. I've experienced five European Countries, Five African Countries (Including the Congo), Romania, Mexico, Canada, Nicaragua, and various regions of the United States.

  • Photography. I've captured special moments with my camera for decades. Photographying weddings, concerts, family portraits, senior pictures and home interiors. And of course, personal family vacations and holidays.