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Want to know exactly what you're getting into? Below, you'll find summaries of each chapter in the workbook. If you really want to get a sense of the content, you can download a free PDF of Chapter 1.


1. Foundational Parenting
We all start off with big dreams for our kids—then life happens. In this chapter, we explore common parenting pitfalls and outline a vision for parenting based on a firm foundation in the Lord.

2. Living Thankfully
Learning to be grateful changes your perspective on life and has a profound impact on your family. In preparation for the challenging chapters ahead, we pause to establish this essential daily practice.


3. Reflecting On Your Schedule
We all believe lies about self and about God. One of the best ways to identify those harmful beliefs is to carefully examine our time management. In this convicting chapter, we take a hard look in the mirror for the sake of removing barriers between our hearts and our King.

4. Making Changes
We all like to think that things will somehow be different in the future—that the unhealthy habits we have now are just part of this phase of life. But real change doesn't happen unless we choose it. Building on the self-discovery of Chapter Three, we take a radical step to make sure truth—not lies—is in the driver's seat of our life.

5. New Every Morning
If truth is to remain at the helm, it's essential to bathe in it every day. In this chapter, we establish a daily practice of visiting with God through prayer and scripture.


6. Trust: Perspective When Life Is Difficult
Trust in the Lord's goodness—no matter the circumstances—is one of the most essential aspects of a foundational relationship with the King. This chapter includes a seven-step tool for working through doubt.

7. Obedience: When God Whispers
If we truly trust God, it should be only natural that we obey him. Yet obedience for many of us, is incredibly challenging. In this chapter, we explore what it looks like to obey completely, immediately, and with a good attitude—a concept that will be crucial later when we discuss teaching our children to obey.

8. Surrender: Grapes and Marbles
Living a life of surrender takes trust and obedience one step further, requiring us to actually seek God's instructions in daily life (and then, of course, follow them). In this chapter we learn how to respond to everyday challenges with soft, teachable hearts.


9. Knowing Your Story
We all live in the context of story. Our pains, our joys, our decisions, and the decisions made for us over the course of our lives influences who we are today. In this chapter, we grow in self-awareness by examining our life stories.  

10. Repentance: Turning Back on the Road
Repentance is so much more than saying you're sorry. In this chapter, we explore sin and repentance in fresh terms and take real steps toward reconciling with God and others.

11. The Freedom of Forgiveness
Forgiveness doesn't mean forgetting. It doesn't mean condoning the wrong or allowing it to continue. It means handing your right to justice over to Jesus. In this chapter, we discover that freedom is only possible when we forgive others, and we take real steps toward realizing that freedom in our own lives.


12. Taking Control of Your Thoughts
Most of us think of thoughts as harmless, but they have a profound impact on our hearts. In this chapter, we explore why it's essential to "take every thought captive" (2 Corinthians 10:5) and learn practical tools for actually doing so.

13. Living an Honest Life
We all know (in theory) that lying is wrong, yet few of us live genuinely honest lives. This chapter lays out a challenging and nuanced understanding of deceit and moves us toward a life of integrity before God and others.

14. Living Generously
We are stewards of God's money, and that means we're called to use it his way. In this chapter, we take a convicting look at our financial priorities and do what it takes to align our decisions with the King's values.


15. Empowering Your Children
When should we protect our kids from hardship? When should we allow them to experience pain? In this chapter, we learn how to relax our Mama Bear tendencies and empower our children through teachable moments.

16. Instilling Obedience: Concepts and Boundaries
If we want our children to obey God when they grow up, we must teach them to obey us now.  In this chapter, we introduce the essential principles of teaching our children obedience and learn how to take the first step: setting healthy boundaries.

17. Instilling Obedience: Navigating Discipline
The way we handle discipline will make or break the lessons our children learn about obedience. In this chapter, we do a deep exploration of healthy discipline, which is always compassionate, customized, and consistent.


18. Cultivating Character
In this final chapter, we learn how to make Character Plans for our children so we can continue to parent with purpose.