This workbook is for moms who long for something different. It’s for . . .

  • women who are exhausted, scattered, and anxious

  • women who feel aimless and long for purpose in their lives and their parenting

  • women who want to be the best moms they can be for their kids.

After raising her own four children to adulthood and mentoring dozens of moms—from ex-cons in the city to upper-middle-class gals in the suburbs—Brenda Jacobson knows what works, and it’s not a list of tips and tricks. A new philosophy is not something to stand on. The latest in science is not something to stand on. But a solid foundation in the Lord is.

Each chapter in the STSO workbook is a step in laying that foundation. These new perspectives will help you remove barriers between yourself and your King so you can be filled with wisdom, energy and purpose. 

Something to Stand On Book Cover-01.jpg

This workbook helps you:

•Cultivate self-awareness and improve self-control
•Learn to hear from God and surrender to His will
•Deal with pain from your past
•Teach your children healthy obedience
•Empower your children to thrive as adults

Each chapter includes:

•Personal reflection questions
•Attainable action steps
•Easy-to-remember prayers
•Detailed tips for teaching the principles to your children

Moms are the original superheroes, boasting equal parts doctor, miracle worker, protector, and sage. In “Something to Stand On,” Brenda Jacobson reminds us that every crusader needs a partner, someone who knows their strengths and weaknesses, fights alongside them, and believes in the nobility of their calling. With insights, humor, and practical teaching, culled from decades of her own experience “in the trenches,” Brenda is that friend and guide every mother needs.
This book is instructional without being preachy. More formational than devotional, “Something to Stand On” meets each woman where she is, with tools for developing spiritual maturity, navigating family relationships, and mothering even the most resistant sons and daughters.
— Michelle Jones, Pastor of Spiritual Formation at Imago Dei Community

I have known Brenda for eight years and have had the opportunity to walk through life with her as a mentor, a friend and a life coach. Brenda became the person that I knew I could turn to for guidance, biblical truth, and hard conversations any time. She counseled me to true forgiveness. She helped me walk forward when I couldn’t take another step.
— mel, mother of two


The Something to Stand On Workbook is best used in combination with a mentor. But Brenda knows not everyone has a mentor in their life—or even access to someone who fits that description. That's why she's excited to offer an online mentorship program through the Something to Stand On Community.